Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Sees Need in Civics Education

From Lawyers USA Online

SDOC not only rocks because she’s from Arizona, but also because of her efforts to save civics in today’s schools. Being the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court also helps with her street cred.

The Justice started her own website dedicated to her cause, called icivics.org. It’s called “icivics,” she says, “because, you know, i-everything: iPads, iPods, and i-this, that and the other.” I can imagine her having a “Whose On First” kind of conversation with her lead technology advisor.

“It’s called an iPad.”
“I had what now?”
“No, it’s called an iPad.”
“I don’t know what you had honey, but fetch me my Snuggie, will ya? It’s time for another Golden Girls marathon on WE tv. That fiesty Sophia and I are cut from the same cloth, I swear it!”

Back to civics education!

The free website has games that users can play, at home, at school on their i-this, that and the other. Aimed for the middle-school audience, the games teach young minds (or, let’s be honest, those of us who need refreshing) about different aspects of how government works.

Here is the engaging and totally not intimidating video (I feel like I’m getting a passive aggressive lecture from my grandma about watching too much of the repulsive “Ren and Stimpy” show.)

Now I know you want to take the Golden Girls quiz to see which one you are! Here you go, you fiesty Sophia!


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