Top 7 Recent Stories in Book News

J.K. Rowling’s new book will be available Sept. 27, 2012 here

We know fall is the bestest of them all because of Dia De Los Muertos and pumpkin flavored everything, but there are also a slew of great books by our favorite well-known authors coming out. Let’s celebrate with pumpkin cream cheese muffins!

A soldier’s story makes some people wonder if killing an unarmed person is acceptable, even if it is Bin Laden. {Update: I removed the original link because it contained the real name of the soldier, and I’m just not a douche like that. Shame on you, Fox News Channel.}

An inspiring young lady writes a children’s book to tell other students the affects of bullying. (Teachers and parents: great for back-to-school reading!)

Judy Blume opens up about having breast cancer and taking care of her health.

“Fifty Shades” movie producers tweet that American porn actor, James Deen, is on the short list to play Christian Grey.

All women in the world stun scientists and Fifty Shades producers as they say “ew” all at once.

Ann Curry is rumored to writea tell-all book about Matt Lauer and the Today Show. Lauer last seen hiding under Al Roker.


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