{Review} Somebody to Love by Sheryl Browne

Main character Donna has been through a rough divorce but then she meets a nice police officer, Mark. Through a series of miscommunications and misunderstandings, though, their newly established relationship seems to be kaput.

Both Donna and Mark are wishy-washy, indecisive and unsure of themselves. But like an old friend, you have to stick with them long enough to know they will get past this.

Eventually in the story, Donna gets more decisive and sassy, just the way I like them. Author Sheryl Browne’s writing, though, can be hard to follow. For that reason, and the fact that I didn’t care enough about Donna and Mark to stick with them through their pitty-parties, I left this novel for the herbivores.

But the fact alone that Browne incorporated an autistic boy, a three-legged dog and a service dog into the story warm my heart to the point where I encourage my readers to buy the book and give it a try for themselves. More authors should be like Browne and should introduce characters that reflect real life into their novels.

Kudos to you, Ms. Browne.

Julie Chicklitasaurus left it for the herbivores

Read “Somebody to Love” for only $2.99 on Amazon.

Learn more about kind-hearted author Sheryl Browne here.


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