The Hardest Part of Work by Evan James Griffin

{Poem of the Day}

Work has kept me so busy this week that this poor blog hasn’t received much attention. But here is the weekend and you can look forward to more posts about books, stories and anything humorous. Like this poem. Wish I worked at this place! Or anyplace I could access WordPress on the Internet. Maybe someday…

I want to work where this cat works. From Indignant Desert Birds

The Hardest Part of Work

by Evan James Griffin

The hardest part of work,
is to pretend you’re working hard.
You can only stack so many papers,
or shuffle so many business cards.

In one tab you’ll have your email.
And the other you’ll have your shows.
And you can switch between them so quickly
Your boss hardly knows.

Hulu shows the Office,
Youtube has dancing Dogs.
Amazon sells lots of books,
On Ebay you bought some Pogs.

An online game of Scrabble
Makes you think of many words.
But when nature calls you leave,
And beat angry birds.

But once you tire of Facebook,
And you’ve written too many Tweets.
You’ll stroll down to the breakroom,
And help yourself to treats.

And if there is a co worker,
with semi-engaging news
You’ll only stop and gossip,
for at least an hour or two.

Other times you’ll play ping pong,
your favorite company perk.
It’s amazing what you get done.
when you come to work.

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