{Review} Messages From Henry

This short story by Rebecca Scarberry is centered around the main character, Tammy, as she tries to solve the mystery of her kidnapped neighbor, Evelyn. Evelyn’s beloved pigeon, Henry, delivers notes from Evelyn to Tammy to help solve the kidnapping mystery.

The characters aren’t developed enough for me to know how old they are of what they look like. For me, that makes it hard to envision the story in my head as I read. Scarberry’s writing style is short and rough, which makes the novel feel more like reading a police report.

It’s not a hard read, and it’s a free short story. So no harm, no foul for anyone whose interested in reading “Messages from Henry.”

Julie Chicklitasaurus left it for the herbivores

Learn more about Rebecca Scarberry on her blog, Scarberry Fields Forever.

Get the ebook on Amazon for free here.


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