Top 5 Stories in Lit News


Bah Humbug to Canadian author, Pamela McColl, who took out two lines of the “Night Before Christmas” because she doesn’t believe Santa should smoke a pipe. You do know, McColl, that… (remove kids from the room!)… Santa is not real, right? And are we really living in a society where pipe-smoking is a huge problem… Oh.

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Former astronaut and Gabby Gifford’s husband, Mark Kelly, releases his children’s book, “Mousetronaut.” Could Kelly warm out hearts anymore?

Maybe he reveals that the moon really IS made of green cheese!? Grab your crackers & wine – let’s go!


American author Louise Erdrich releases her new book, “The Round House,” with a lot of praise from critics. My Goodreads page will overflow with all of her titles, if only I could remember my password for that damn site.



Humble Bundle does something the publishing world could never figure out… cater to those who pay for the product. *ah*


Author Stephanie Laws posts on her blog a flow chart of how to publish your book (courtesy of Writers Digest.) Can you find “organize a Quidditch league?”


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  1. Santa without a pipe? Okay. Got lost in the how to publish a book chart. Went to buy a new chair.

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