{Review} Things Are Going to Slide by Rangeley Wallace

Ready for a different kind of novel? But still want a strong, female main character? “Things Are Going to Slide” by Rangeley Wallace is a book for women, but it’s different from regular, old “chick lit” in so many great ways.

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When, in the first sentence of this book, Wallace sets up the scene at the ASU law school, I thought:

“Finally! A book set at Arizona State University, my alma mater! This is the greatest book in the world!”

She goes on to say that this ASU is actually Alabama Southern University. Which has to be a made-up university, because there really can only be one, true ASU.


Anyway! All of this is OK, because I love anything from the South. I especially love stories set in the South.

Marilee is a young professional, a mother, a soon-to-be mother and she’s a faculty lawyer at the ASU law school. Her soon-to-be ex-husband left her for another man. Her ex-boyfriend from high school, Dwight, was recently appointed chair of clinical law at ASU, a job that really should have been her’s. Though all of these life events are slipping and sliding each way, Marilee keeps herself in control while she tries to straighten everything out.

This really is a smart, sometimes funny, sometimes emotional book. And I didn’t even get lost in the legal jargon!

(Something I might have picked up from at my time at Arizona State University…)

This also isn’t a typical “chick lit” book (because you know I don’t like anything that fits in a mold) in the sense of a love story. I really didn’t know until the end what was going to happen, if anything was going to happen, in the love story plot line of this book.

The unpredictability in this book was great. There’s nothing more boring than reading a story that you’ve already read over and over again. And while reading this book, I kept being reminded of how original and smart this story was.

Julie Chicklitasaurus devoured this book

Get “Things Are Going to Slide” for $4.99 on Amazon here.

Read more about the fabulous writer/lawyer, Rangeley Wallace, on her website here.

Author Rangeley Wallace


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  1. First I loved the title.Then I loved the book.
    Julie, we have our good taste in common.

  2. I’ll definitely put this on my list of “To Reads” – btw ASU is also the name of MY alma mater….Augusta State University…. 🙂 Closer to Alabama Southern than your Arizona. 🙂

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