{Q&A} Greg G. Barton


And when I say, “week”… I mean 10 days.

He’s a man of few words, but Greg Barton in an indie author with a variety of short stories and one novel that have been self-published. He’s obviously a golf fanatic, so through his self-published work, he is hoping to engage readers in that par-ticular niche. (That’s the only golf joke I’ve got!) I’ll let him explain the rest.

Learn more about Greg here | Buy his book here

JULIE CHICKLITASAURUS: Tell a little about yourself. How many books have you published? Any awards or mentions? What is coming up next for you?

GREG BARTON: Born and raised in Michigan. Moved to California in the early eighties. Married with two grown sons. I’ve published seventeen short stories and one book. One of my stories, The Assassins, won a writing contest for new Michigan authors and appeared in an anthology. I currently have a novel being read by an agent. It’s a total chick lit book! I am working on a golf novel as well.

JC: In your opinion, are more authors publishing independently than before?

GB: Yes…it seems that way.

JC: What obstacles did you run into when you tried to be published through a publishing company?

GB: I’ve been with two publishers now. One experience was good, the other not so good. Neither had much of a marketing effort so sales never took off.

JC: What made you decide to publish independently?

GB: I wanted to try and see if I good do better on my own.

JC: Why should others publish independently in today’s modern culture

GB: Well, it gives an author creative freedom and he doesn’t have to share royalties with the publisher.
JC: What pros are there to being an indie author?

GB: See above. Also the expense of hard copy publishing is daunting.

JC: What cons are there?

GB: You need to do a hundred percent of the marketing and handle the publishing. I also think that having ones work published by someone else gives it a measure of validity.

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JC: What does it mean to you to be a part of the indie author movement

GB: Hm. Not really sure it means anything yet.
JC: In your opinion, what could publishing companies do to adapt to today’s changes in publishing?

GB: I think they will need to pinch their noses and jump into the ebook market with both feet.
JC: How do you think indie publishers will evolve literature over time?

GB: Yes. I think they will make it less expensive than traditional books and move more people to buy e-reader devices.


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