{Q&A} Aileen Friedman


And when I say, “week”… I mean 10 days.

Aileen Friedman, from Gordon’s Bay, South Africa, has self-published one book, “Changes From A Sunset.” Aileen’s daughter actually took the photo of the beautiful sunset that graces the cover of her novel. Talent and passion must run in the family, as Aileen is passionate about independent publishing and all that it has to offer those with a story to tell.

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JULIE CHICKLITASAURUS: Tell a little about yourself. How many books have you published? Any awards or mentions? What is coming up next for you?

AILEEN FRIEDMAN: I am incredibly blessed to be a wife to my husband of thirty years. A mother to three stunning daughters, and also to our adopted Anja, and have three gorgeous grandchildren. I live in a beautiful coastal town called Gordon’s Bay, in South Africa. Everyday possible my husband and I walk on the beach with our dog, it is the best time of day. There is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than watching the sun set over the ocean. I grew up in another coastal town called Amanzimtoti and hence my love for the sea.

This is my first book and I am overwhelmed by the responses it has received. When my daughters all left home I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and this opened the opportunity for me to fulfill a lifelong dream to write. I have loved every minute of this new world that I have entered.

Currently I am busy with the second book called “When is my forever.” Hopefully by February 2013 it will be ready for publishing.

JC: What obstacles did you run into when you tried to be published through a publishing company?

AF: Well in South Africa it is virtually impossible to get published unless you are 1) already famous, 2) connected to someone who is, 3) have a bucket load of money. I received the exact same email – word for word – from two publishing houses nine months after I submitted my manuscript, by that time I had already published independently.

{The world has become such a small place, we are all neighbours so lend a hand.}

JC: What made you decide to publish independently?

AF: It was suggested to me by my friend. She published a book of poems. The initial idea was daunting but after visiting a few publishing websites I found them to be far more daunting.

JC: Why should others publish independently in today’s modern culture?

AF: You have total control of what happens with your work and it certainly is a lot cheaper. Everything is technology compliant in today’s world, it is so rushed, and people generally look for the easiest and quickest way to obtain what it is they are looking for. Hence online purchases, and if we can make our books available in digital format to accommodate the changing era of reading then definitely do it, I say.

Click on the cover to buy “Changes From A Sunset” for .99 cents on Amazon

JC: What can indie authors do to support each other?

AF: Share your experiences, offer advice to anyone that asks, share each others Facebook pages, etc. You yourself will probably learn a thing or two from another author.

JC: What pros are there to being an indie author?

AF: It is so exciting to see the final product as you imagined it to be, the scope of websites available to publish your book on is so vast. How many authors in the years past had wonderful stories that could have been told but because of publishing houses strict and staunch rules never got to have their stories told. Now you can tell it and no one can stop you.

JC: What cons are there?

AF: I my case I would say time constraints. I work full time so spending time online is limited.

JC: What does it mean to you to be a part of the indie author movement?

AF: It is the best thing since candy. I might not ever become an accomplished author and sell millions but that does not matter. I am part of a movement that can reach millions and tell their story.

JC: What advice would you give to those who are thinking about self-publishing?

AF: Simply do it…don’t even think twice.

JC: What advice would you give publishing companies so that they can adapt to today’s changes in publishing?

{I might not ever become an accomplished author and sell millions but that does not matter. I am part of a movement that can reach millions and tell their story.}

AF: I will give you an example. The biggest publishing house in South Africa splurged all over their website that they were looking for new local authors, and then they don’t give you the time of day. Unless they change their old fashion ways they will eventually be left on a dusty shelf.

JC: Do you think indie publishers will evolve literature over time? If so, can you predict how it will change literature?

AF: As the dictionary changes by adding [new] slang language so will literature. The rules by which it is written will change and [the] freedom to write as a person feels rather than what we are told as the only way to write, will change literature.

JC: Feel free to add any other thoughts and insights.

AF: Through this adventure of indie publishing I have met some amazing people, some I will probably never meet and yet maybe one day our paths will cross. The world has become such a small place, we are all neighbours so lend a hand. Don’t keep your experiences to your self, share them just as you want your story to be share across the globe.


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