What the Hell is a Hipster?

Are you lost? Do you find that ironic? (From Antiquiet.com)

Dear Lord.

I am 29 and I already feel like complaining about “kids these days.” But I won’t. Others have been there, done that, and all of them have ended up in Depends pants for women.

But there is a trend with young people that I am starting to notice. Whether it’s greasers, hippies, grunge, Emos or hipsters, every few years or so, young people have to establish & name a new social class for themselves that they can belong to and no one else. And it has to be a non-conformist type of social class.

But then it becomes trendy.

It spreads out of California or New York.

All high school kids in Indiana dress like it.

Then the stay-at-home moms jump on board.

When the middle schoolers start to follow the trend, it is so over.

And right now, being a hipster is trendy. But I don’t know what clearly defines a “hipster.” Does it have something to do with “Twilight?” If so, then I want no part.

Again, I feel like they’re going for “ironic,” but it’s really just stupid. (From TrendyHipster.org – an actual website)

Nerdy glasses? OK. Skinny jeans? Alright. PBR? A really bad choice of beer to be the mascot of your cute little movement, but whatever.

Being ironic? OK, now we’ve crossed into the literary realm. Old Ms. Julie Chicklitasaurus is going to have to show these kids their elbows from their asses. (And I have a feeling the irony and the PBR are related in more ways than one.)

(From Neatorama.com)

Irony, or sarcasm (because I have a feeling they’re really talking about sarcasm), belongs in books written by Orwell, Shakespeare or anyone else from England. You can’t just go out on the streets and start “being ironic,” kids. You have to earn that privilege. And to do so, it’s most effectively accomplished through meaningful and reflective literature. Until you write that classic novel, try being honest and assertive. Like this. “I don’t like your ‘hipster’ movement. Defining yourself with a made-up social class is stupid and it’s been done before. Be your own, unique, individual self and find happiness in that.” There you go, that wasn’t so hard.

Anyway, I have one last question. Is the “hipster” movement on its way out yet? Because, you know, the last “Twilight” movie was just released. It must mean the end of this commotion, right?

(From CheapHipsterClothes.com – another actual website)

What would be really reassuring is if the next generation of young rebels and non-conformists could not name themselves as part of some made-up social class.

That’s right.

Go unnamed.

Forget the label. Forget defining yourself with certain type of clothes and weird accessories.

Because once you label yourself, then everyone wants to be part of your new movement. And you know, once those soccer moms get involved, the whole thing is kaput.

That, my friends, is irony of it all.

(It gets hispter-ish at 3:03, but the whole thing is worth watching!)


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  1. Yeah, I’m not sure I know what “hipster” means either. Great post. 🙂

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