{Review} An Unlikely Arrangement by Patty Wiseman

In “An Unlikely Arrangement,” Ruth is a seventeen year old wild child of the late 1920s who dreams of exploring the world. Her stern mother, though, has her own plans for her daughter and arranges a marriage between Ruth and Peter, a gorgeous and generous milkman. Even though Peter is heart-stopping handsome, Ruth is still apprehensive to settling down.

If only she lived in 1969.

The way Ruth yells, runs to her room, cries, goes back downstairs, yells at mom again, runs to room, etc. is too immature for me.

I prefer my female leads to be smart, as well as fiesty. Ruth is definitely fiesty. But she’s also too much like a bratty teenager. And I just don’t relate to that. I’ve been working since I was 16. There is no time for being a brat.

However, like all of my herbivore reviews, I recommend my readers try the book for themselves. Like I’ve said before, different stories resonate with different people at different times.

Maybe you have a whinny teenager whose been bugging you lately? Give her this book.

Julie Chicklitasaurus left it for the herbivores


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