{Review} A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin


I am a “Game of Thrones” nerd.

You would know that if you followed me on Twitter. I use #WinterIsComing as often as I can. House decorating tips. Hot coco recipes. News about my new fuzzy socks … the list goes on!

I even made Direwolf ears out of tin foil for this last season finale.

And like a good little wildling, I had to read the books to graduate to the level of super nerd. The first book was great. I read it pretty fast. It was actually easier to follow than the TV show. There’s more background information in the book. It’s also easier for me to remember all the characters’ names when I see their name over and over again, as opposed to hearing their names when I watch the show.

And can we just take a moment and celebrate Arya Stark?

Now that is how I like my female characters.

Strong, defiant, unconventional. Love her. I am predicting by the end of the series that Daeneryas will be queen of the seven kingdoms and Arya will be commander of all the troops and armed forces.

Yay, ladies!

Oh, and the wolves and dragons will be part of the troops.

From Geek-News.MTV.com

Can you blame me for loving them? They are the long, lost cousins of dinosaurs.

Amazing? Yes.

So, there you go, George R.R. Martin. I just gave you the ending. Now hurry up and write the last two books!

My Direwolf ears are waiting.

I can smell your fear from here


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  1. I love Game of Thrones and became a slave to the books last winter. My favorite characters are Little Finger and Tyrion.

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