What I’m Getting My Family & Friends For Christmas

I’ve been inspired by this post from Heifer 12×12. My unique and different gift list for my family and friends is also a protest to Black Friday. It’s time to bring authentic, true meaning back to Christmas and the holidays! Here are four very worthy causes that make great gifts for your lovely (and hopefully ope-minded and understanding) family members.

You can even read their Cow Blog! Click on the pic.

You can even read their Cow Blog! Click on the pic.

Send a Cow | www.sendacow.org.uk | Starting at 5 pounds (you know, UK money)

Cows, pigs, donkeys, seeds, house building materials, training programs. All these things and more are available for you to purchase to help a family in need. You can donate in your family and friends’ names and then they’ll receive a card in the mail letting them know that a family is being helped in their honor.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm a miracle worker."

“Yeah, yeah, I’m a miracle worker.”

Heifer International | www.heifer.org | Starting at $10

Flock of geese, trio of rabbits, camels, irrigation pumps, schooling, clean water, honeybees and trees. Very similar to Send A Cow!

"I smell some Christmas cheer!"

“I smell some Christmas cheer!”

Save the Manatee | www.savethemanatee.org

Adopt a big, lovey, dovey creature. Or buy the book for your little ‘tees. “Murphy the Manatee Visits Memphis” is more than just alliteration fun! It’s about a young manatee who dreams of meeting Elvis. Don’t we all, Murph. Don’t we all.

Click on the pic to get this necklace for $134.94 from Sukanya Thongperm in Thailand (and read her story!)

Click on the pic to get this necklace for $134.94 from Sukanya Thongperm in Thailand (and read her story!)

Novica jewelry, home decor & more | www.novica.com

Never be embarrassed to be caught wearing the same dress as someone else. Or decorate your home with authentic, beautiful pieces that Target could only dream of carrying in their stores. You can also read the stories of the people who create each item that’s on sale on the website. This necklace featured, “Sky Romance,” was made by a woman living in Bangkok. She has a great story. Click on the picture to learn more about her and about Novica.


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