What Will William and Kate Name Their Baby

Gold medal for a beautiful baby!

Gold medal for a beautiful baby!

Here’s a list of some literary-inspired names that William & Kate may choose for their new bundle of royal joy.


Elizabeth, nickname “Lizzy”

  • Either after the Queen or the Bennet, Elizabeth is a strong, British name.


  • Charles Dicken’s character from “Great Expectations” is a pro at breaking hearts, and I think William & Kate’s little girl will be also (but hopefully not so bitchy.)


  • Even though “Little Women” is am American novel, this main character is strong willed and therefore worthy to share a name with the royal baby girl. (And you know I love my opinionated Tom boys!)


  • From “Terms of Endearment,” or “Sleeping Beauty.” Either way, it’s heavenly. Literally, she was the Roman goddess of sunrise.



  • For William’s dad or Mr. Dickens, Charles is always a solid, classic choice.


  • It may be Germanic in origin, but it does mean “famous ruler,” which is suiting.  “Roderick Hudson,” by American author Henry James, features the main character who is a talented sculptor.


  • As in Mrs. Norris from “Mansfield Park.” Yes, a boy named after a female character. How progressive!


  • Either from Shakespeare or “The Little Mermaid,” this is a strong name of Greek origin meaning “revered,” which he certainly will be.
You can't deny that that crab can sing. (From Disney.Wikia.com)

You can’t deny it, that crab can sing. (From Disney.Wikia.com)

What name do you think the royals should go with?


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  1. That’s a cute post, I love Sebastian from the little Mermaid. But my fav. name of the list is Aurora, such a beautiful and mysterious name.

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