Easy and Cheap Winter Decorations

One way to save on holiday decorations while also making your house look great is to reuse old decorations in new ways.

Pinterest, while an awesome distraction from everyday life, makes it hard for us ladies with limited funds. We want the fancy, garland-trimmed fireplace with white lights strung around it perfectly. But using what you already have, in combination with some Dollar Store deals (there is no shame, gals!), will make your living area seem alive with creativity.

Below are some ways I reused old decorations and how I incorporated new items.


OK, this isn’t actually a decoration, but it helps with your creativity when you have a helpful little elf. In black fur. Sticking her tongue out.


All those Christmas photo cards you don’t know what to do with? Sticky tack them to an empty space on the wall and tie together with an old garland.


Again, it helps when your little, black fur clad elf inspects decorations for playful bugs or funny smells. Hard at work, that one is.

I made that poinsettia display with fake flowers from the Dollar Store, blue ribbon from the Dollar Store and a Corona tin bucket from college. And who says I didn’t take anything away from ASU!?


Silver and gold, red and white. Mis-matched stockings represent the mis-matched characters of your family. All were Dollar Store deals.


Add your own personality to your decorations. These majestic beasts are ornaments, but because of their prehistoric beauty, I put them on display in front of the TV. Never forget.


Scented pine cones from the local grocery store are only a couple of dollars and they make great fillers for a space that you don’t know what to do with. Add color with scented candles to display with them. (Plus the pine cones make the bathroom smell great. Gotta ward off Uncle Frank as soon as you can, people.)


Basic, colorful, round ornaments are great fillers for all those vases you have stored in the pantry. This display adds fun color to your house as well.


These candles are usually in our stairwell window, but using them as our dining table centerpiece makes them feel like they’re brand new! Use an old garland to wrap around them and then pepper in those cinnamon-smelling pine cones around the garland.


Holly candle holders are holding small tea light candles. These make a colorful focal point for the coffee table, while making sure not to obstruct anyone’s view of the TV. (Lord forbid dad can’t see Bill O’Reilly for ten seconds.)


Yoga frog lamp gets cozy with an old candle holder (which is holding a new candle from the Dollar Store. And it doesn’t smell like a bathroom! Yay!) and a simple bowl of nuts. Making this more special is the fact that that bowl was my grandma’s. Incorporate family mementos when you can.


Display your Christmas books from when you were a wee little elf. Colorful and vintage. Take that, Pinterest.


Make sure your helpful little elf gets her own stocking. Right by her cat tower. Another Dollar Store deal.


Using winter-themed scrapbook paper that I know I’ll never use in a scrapbook, I made a pendant garland to hang above our back door. No pattern to the different papers I used. I like things unorganized just a bit.

The snowflakes are actually coasters from the Dollar Store and I stuck them on the window with sticky tack. No harm ever came from using stick tack.

What about you? What are some ways you are using old decorations in new ways? What’s your favorite holiday decoration to put up?


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  1. great winter decorations
    thank you

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