{Review} Unmasking Maya by Libby Mercer

Indie author Libby Mercer is currently on a book blog tour for her new book, “Unmaking Maya,” which officially released today.

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Mercer’s new romantic fiction takes the reader through the beginning of the relationship between Maya and Derek. Maya is a former New York fashion professional who moved to San Francisco and changed her name in order to start a new life. Derek is a type-A, workaholic, handsome Silicon Valley executive who commissions Maya to create a piece of art for his stale office building. Both Maya and Derek have secrets from their past that come up while they begin to develop feelings for each other. What secrets can they overcome, and what secrets will end the relationship before it goes too far?

Unmasking_Maya_final_cover_300dpi_7inIn the middle of the story, Maya’s father, who has been absent for a big part of Maya’s life, comes back in a dramatic fashion. While Derek and Maya are still just in the passive-aggressive flirting stage, Derek stands by her side through the father-daughter family drama. It’s the only part of the book that is unbelievable. I’m not convinced any person, not saying just men, would stick by a virtual stranger’s side while they go through an emotional and dramatic exchange with their parent. It’s just too personal, too fast.

I also would have liked if Maya’s language wasn’t so immature. “Like” and “seriously” are used too often by the main female character, making me not want to care for her as much.

The banter between Derek and Maya is fun to read. I always appreciate a female character who can take it and dish it.

I also anticipate there will be more books in this series. Which is exciting, because after reading about Maya’s fashion background, I’m eager to read about what she’ll wear at her wedding.

Julie Chicklitasaurus nibbled this book.

Buy “Unmasking Maya” for $2.99 on Amazon.

Learn more about author Libby Mercer on her blog.


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