Another Person Stole My Idea

For me, it doesn’t take the holidays to get really frustrated with my sisters. They frustrate me all damn year long.

sisters fighting

This is what happens when you steal my idea!

When my sister Katie and her husband Kamal (who is of Pakistani descent) were here in October, we were talking about baby names (their boy is due in January). Katie said she liked the first name Kaden and middle name Edward, after our dad.

I said those were great.

Then I made a huge mistake and told her that when Man-Beast and I have kids, I want to use Archer for one of our kids’ middle names, because it’s my maiden name (I guess her’s too) and it would be my way of keeping it in the name in the family.

She said, “Oh that’s cute. Maybe I’ll do that.”

I told her, “No! That’s my idea!”

Her husband Kamal chimed in, “Cousins can have the same middle names.”

But I said no, they cannot.

Plus, it’s more than the name, it’s about stealing my idea.

I don't know if this pic is real or not, but it sums up how I feel.

I don’t know if this pic is real or not, but it sums up how I feel … like I want to kick something.

So Katie and I talked yesterday and I asked if they settled on a name. She said … and you knew this was coming … they’re going with Archer as the middle name.

I said, “But that was mine! I told you that!” Katie played dumb and said, “Oh, were you going to use that name?” And I reminded her of our conversation this past October. But she still played dumb like she had no idea she got the idea from me!

Then she tells Kamal this in the background and I hear Kamal say, “Well, that’s how they do it in Pakistan. They give the mother’s maiden name to one of the kids.”

"You have inflicted injury or tended to incite an immediate breach of the peace, god dammit!"

“You have inflicted injury or tended to incite an immediate breach of the peace, god dammit!”

Bullshit! Then why didn’t he say that back in October!? Trying to use the race card on me. The nerve!

But I’ve told our aunts, uncles, cousins and friends this for the past year so hopefully they will all know that I had the idea first.

And it’s not so much about the name, it’s the lying. She stole my idea and then tried to claim it as her own.

Sneak attack.

I’ll sneak attack you right back.

Anyway. Rant over. I just had to get it out. Maybe someone out there knows a thing or two about crazy sisters.

So I learned my lesson …

{Never tell my sister any of my good ideas!}

I hope your sister, if you have one, isn’t as conniving as mine. But just in case she is, don’t tell her your good baby names!


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My book blog is dedicated to finding books, stories & ideas that redefine women's literature to be something smarter & funnier. More RAWResome lit for ladies. I am remaining some-what anonymous because I have a day job. My Man-Beast and I are soon going to live abroad in China, so that's why I'm a reblog-aholic.


  1. I would freak out if one of my sisters tried to steal a baby name, even though 2 of them already have kids.

  2. I don’t have a sister, but I did have a best friend growing up who was this same. exact way. By the time we were in high school, I still hadn’t learned to keep my mouth shut about things, and she was always stealing my is fashion, favorite book of the moment, etc. My high school years were angry years. Learn from your mistakes… I keep all my good ideas to myself now. Except when I post. Then I claim copyright. 🙂

  3. At least she didn’t try to steal your first name? Lol. Seriously though, people who steal other people’s ideas and then LIE about it are the worst. It’s like … own up to what you did, you jerk. Although she is your sister, so I suppose you’re required to forgive her. The whole “blood is thicker than water” thing and all.

  4. Caitlore, I think I’ll have to copyright everything as well! Good idea. Elizabeth, it took all of my power to not freak out on her. Though I did tell our mom (haha!) Michelle, I guess I’ll have to forgive her. But you’re right, lying is the worst. Just makes it hard to trust people who lie. Sigh. (And I promise everyone for more up-beat posts here after!) xo

    • Maria

      You are so right about sisters. I have four of them. My oldest sister stole my idea recently. She told my Mom that she was going to get there first anyways. I know it’ll take me four years to get it but she only has one more year to get there. Why couldn’t she come up with her own ideas?! I’m so mad only because she said she’ll get there first. If she haven’t said that I wouldn’t have cared as much. It will take me a long time to forget that. Now I know to keep my ideas to myself.

  5. I know two sisters who are too old and frail to get on a plane and visit, perhaps for the last time. (not mine) I really don’t think it matters who had the idea first. Be good to each other. 🙂

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