{Poem of the Day} A Song by Hildegard Hawthorne

{Poem of the Day}

From the granddaughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne…

“Legends of Mermaids” by Kathy Sart

“A Song”

by Hildegard Hawthorne (1871 – 1952)

Sing me a sweet, low song of night
Before the moon is risen,
A song that tells of the stars’ delight
Escaped from day’s bright prison,
A song that croons with the cricket’s voice,
That sleeps with the shadowed trees,
A song that shall bid my heart rejoice
At its tender mysteries!

And then when the song is ended, love,
Bend down your head unto me,
Whisper the word that was born above
Ere the moon had swayed the sea;
Ere the oldest star began to shine,
Or the farthest sun to burn, –
The oldest of words, O heart of mine,
Yet newest, and sweet to learn.

For more information on the American author, go here.

For a print of the painting, go here.

Which word do you think was whispered? (Third line of second stanza)


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  1. I’ve never heard of this poem before, but I love it. Thanks.

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