Top 10 RAWResome Blog Posts {Jan. 13 – 19}

1. Egypt: Philae Temple by Collidescopes Blog | Ever wanted to travel to Egypt sans the intense security and insanity issues? Then you must read this blog post. Gorgeous pictures.

2. Random Stuff of the Week by Ten Penny Dreams | A list on my list! Ten Penny’s list includes an awesome book blog to follow, pictures of abandoned towns and places and a cute dog playing with an orange.

3. Breakfast: Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and Chocolate by Alli Cat Cooks | Because any excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast is a great freaking idea.

4. My Handicap is Better Than Your Handicap by White Eyelash | Moving insight from someone living with a disability and great advice we can all use.

5. Want to Be a Successful Writer? Burn Your Ships by Kristen Lamb’s Blog | A pep talk for those who need to take the plunge into becoming a full-time writer (and she gives us five perfectly sain reasons why blogging is a good thing. Amen, sister.)

6. Pavlov’s Wayne Newton by Peg-O-Leg’s Ramblings | I need … need! … to invite this guy to the next baby shower/house welcoming party I am inited to.

7. A Reflection on the Pointless Murder of Beloved Fictional Characters by Michelle Proulx | I’m totally with her on Hedwig.

Ah, look how young he is. Before mounting a horse was a sign of being a grown up.

Ah, look how young he is. Before mounting a horse was a sign of being a grown up.

8. How To Say Goodbye by LM Stull | A moving short story, very much worth the read.

9. The Life I Want by 10,000 Hours | An emotional post about the mixed feelings that come with transitions in life.

10. Dannijo & Bjorg Jewelry by Tati’s Tidbits | I want all of these pieces! All of them, I say! Especially the bracelet/ring combo towards the end.

*   *   *   *

Top 10 RAWResome Blog Posts are comprised of the funniest, most emotional, most creative, most inspirational posts from blogs that I follow. To be included, email me at and tell me about your RAWResome blog. xo


About julieschicklit

My book blog is dedicated to finding books, stories & ideas that redefine women's literature to be something smarter & funnier. More RAWResome lit for ladies. I am remaining some-what anonymous because I have a day job. My Man-Beast and I are soon going to live abroad in China, so that's why I'm a reblog-aholic.


  1. L.M. Stull

    Look forward to checking out all of these. THANK YOU so very much for including me and for your lovely comment 🙂

  2. Of course! Your post was great. And you’re really becoming an Internet sensation right now as we speak! Congrats!

  3. Hi Julie – thanks so much for the bloggy shout-out. I’ve always said you have exquisite taste! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I’m very flattered!

  5. Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I’m really flattered!

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