{Guest Post} Charitable Valentine’s Day Gifts by Gretchen Berg

The smart and funny author Gretchen Berg stops by Julie’s Chick Lit to tell us about some effing awesome Valentine’s Day gifts that will melt your heart … and maybe your pants! Hey-yo!

giving keys

Hey guys, help end homelessness and get a girlfriend! Click the pic to get these necklaces for a very reasonable price.

I Have Valentine’s Day in My Craw – It’s a parody version of my book I Have Iraq in My Shoe. My book is the timeless, classic tale: girl-meets-recession, recession-forces-girl-to-go-to-Iraq. This parody is the timeless, classic blog post: girl-meets-Valentine’s Day; Valentine’s Day-stresses-girl-out. As a nod to my idol, Liz Lemon, I will be celebrating Anna Howard Shaw Day this year.

You might be surprised to hear that Anna Howard Shaw Day is also celebrated with chocolate, jewelry, flowers. Yes, these things are so very clichéd, and yet still so very desirable. Under no circumstance would I turn up my nose at any of the above. Unless the flowers were daisies, because while daisies are a cute, spunky, alternative flower, they really smell pretty awful. Have you smelled daisies? You would just want to, literally, turn your nose up and away from the smell in order to fully appreciate them. Just look, don’t sniff

Whether you’re spending Anna Howard Shaw Day with a significant other or just being significant all by yourself, you don’t have to feel selfish about indulging (and overindulging) with chocolate, jewelry and flowers if you go with one of these organizations.


Bellafina | This chocolatier has a Dollar for Dollar pledge, and raises at least a dollar for children’s and literacy charities for every dollar they earn.


The Giving Keys | This organization employs people who are trying to transition out of homelessness.


Giftback | They have partnered with a number of foundations to create special charity bouquets. These special charity gifts offer a special donation back to the charity on every bouquet sold. This donation is in addition to your 10% giftback donation.

And, of course, being the shoe-a-holic that I am, I would love to institute a new February 14th tradition of celebrating with shoes.


TOMS | For every pair purchased, TOMS donates one pair to a person in need.

Happy (fill in your preferred February 14th holiday) Day, everyone!

– Gretchen

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