Couple of Traveling Tips for Traveling Couples

Man-Beast and I were in fantastic San Francisco this weekend. Even though we’ve traveled a lot together (Aspen, Seattle, Portland, Boston, DC, Phoenix, Maui and you can’t forget about Omaha!), I learned two new things this weekend.

This is great advice for all couples.

{1} Invest in two rolly suitcases. Because having just one will start a fight. A fight that will take place somewhere in between the parking lot and the security check point. It will probably happen right in front of the security check point. And that kind of commotion in front of uber-sensitive TSA agents will only result in some judgmental eyes and rubber gloves.

cat suitcases

Two people, two suitcases. That’s just the way it goes.

{2} Bring two empty water bottles with you. Because, again, having to go out to Liquor Land in South San Francisco at 11 pm on a Friday night so that you can buy one bottle of water will result in some fighting words.

We really did have a good time in San Francisco, though. We have been so busy since we’ve been back (we haven’t even unpacked or gone to Costco! Gasp!) that I haven’t written up a post about it. But it will be here soon!

Until then, what travel tips do you have?




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