{30 to 30} Solve America’s Gun Problem!

I believe all gun sales should require a background check. Because mentally ill people don’t need weapons – they need health care.

(But that’s an entirely different debate! Am I right, or am I right?)

And no one is trying to take away the second amendment rights.

Get your claws off my second amendment rights! Photo from Dantania.blogspot.com

Get your claws off my second amendment rights! Photo from Dantania.blogspot.com

But, pertaining to the recent mass shootings, the way to be proactive isn’t to only change gun laws, it’s to change the way we treat people who feel like outsiders.

If you meet someone who comes off as socially inept, try having some kind of conversation with them and just listen to them.

Be their light. They might not get that light at home, in school or in their workplace. So just be there for them.

Talk it out with someone who feels like they don’t belong. Even from 65 million years ago. Photo from Chud.com

And to effectively change the way we treat outsiders, we can’t view people of different races or religions as outsiders. We are all human beings. And that’s just science for ya!

{Change the way we treat people who feel like outsiders}

So (wiping hands together), now that I have solved this major social problem on my dinosaur-theme blog’s {30 to 30} list, where is my peace prize?

Or do I get that after solving the health care issue?

What I’ll carry my peace prize in. $16.99 on Cafepress

Here’s what we have so far in my journey of {30 to 30}

1. What to do in the next year

2. Give up on the search for a BFF

3. Host Christmas

4. Have a white Christmas

5. Be nicer to my niece

6. Tell Someone to eff off

7. Job search around the world

8. Complete the Goodall challenge


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  1. Definitely agree! And I think there needs to be a change in the way the press covers these events too.

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