17 Best and Lesser-Known Kids’ Shows From 80s and 90s

My friends on Facebook keep posting these cute articles like 40 Ways to Feel Old and 25 Fashion Trends That Didn’t Survive the 90s. And overall, I just feel like a lot of my friends and people on the Internet are focusing on the 90s. Since I was born in 1983, maybe that makes me really old, but there are a few more gems that are just as ancient (or, gasp, maybe even from the late 80s! Gasp again!) that need their time in the Interwebs limelight.

So I scoured the Yahoo message boards and the really weird people on YouTube. Here they are, 17 of the greatest, lesser-known shows from the late 80s and early 90s.


My first grade teacher used to play “Mr. Wizard” for us when she had to catch up on grading. Why can’t we bring that back into education, people? Why the wizard not?

1. Today’s Special. Does anyone else remember this TV show? Anyone else? I swear that I might be the only one.

2. Eureka’s Castle. The Moat Twins were the best, those naughty rascals.

3. David the Gnome. I never noticed this before, but his wife was stacked!

4. Maya the Bee. I made up a theme song for my cat, and its melody is the same as the opening theme song from this show.

5. Kids Incorporated. Before Fergie went a tainted it all, this show was one of my favs, mostly for the theme song.

6. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Another fabulous theme song that I used to dance to while wearing my Ninja Turtles underoos (I was kinda a Tom Boy. Well, who are we kidding? I still am.)

7. Fred Penner’s Place. A single and hairy guy playing with his guitar in the forest? Totally kid appropriate.

8. The Mouse and the Motorcycle. I was actually trying to find the Fibel movie and ran across this! Holy cow, I totally forgot about this one until I just saw it!

9. The Christmas Toy. Probably what started my love of cats.

10. The Secret of Nimh. OK, so I wasn’t trying to find Fibel, I was trying to find this one! Remember the scary owl? And the dramatic ending?

11. Pictures Pages. Now you want one of those pens, don’t you!?

Zip zop bibbity bop!

Zip zop bibbity bop!

12. The Last Unicorn. Made me want to be a unicorn from preschool through second grade. Not have a unicorn. Be a unicorn.

13. Small Wonder. A girl robot!

14. Double Dare. And Mark had OCD the whole time.

15. Mr. Wizard. Apparently the old scientist was a bit of a dick.

16. Airwolf. Man-Beast is having me include this one. He’s also humming along to the theme song as I type this.

17. Silver Spoons. Before Carlton got his gig on the Fresh Prince, he was grocking with Ricky on their 1988 computer. Ca we please back the term, “Grocking?”


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  1. Also from the ’90s: The Littl’ Bits, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, GUTS, The Torklesons, Flash Forward (not the same as the more recent show by the same name)… not to mention all of the fabulous Disney Channel Original Movies!! Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane 🙂

  2. I remember all these, even Today’s Special! And I had TMNT underoos, and loved the moat twins, and the Secret of NIMH remains one of my favorite stories. Yay for the trip down memory lane, 🙂

  3. GREAT list. I still remember the theme song from Eureka’s Castle…that is sad.

    Am I the only one who remembers You Can’t Do That On Television? And I heart Hey Dude. Also, All That on Nickelodeon. SO MANY MEMORIES.

    • Or… It’s really awesome that you remember the theme song! Just think, that is a priceless gift you can give to your future children! And I looooooved Hey Dude! I wanted to work on a dude ranch for so long because of that show! Xo

  4. OMG, I watched Small Wonder EVERY Saturday afternoon and I now have the theme song stuck in my head. Was also a fan of Silver Spoons but preferred the spin-off It’s Your Move with Jason Bateman… Fun post!

  5. Blasts from the past! Wow, I just watched that entire episode of Small Wonder. So strange watching it now as an adult. Great post!

  6. Chip chip chip chip and Dale! Rescu

  7. Chip chip chip chip and Dale! Rescue Rangers!! This was one of my favorites! =D

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