{Review} Jane’s Journey

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So the only thing wrong with prescribing a list of books to read for my Goodall Challenge is that the library will suddenly and mysteriously be out of the second book that I listed and therefore enhancing my OCD because now I can’t read the SECOND BOOK ON THE LIST!

Good thing my readers are flexible people.

Because I rented the DVD, Jane’s Journey, to take the place of the second book, Patterns of Behavior.

janes journey 1

It’s actually a great piece to seguay Jane’s life between when she wrote In The Shadow of Man (1971) and Through a Window (1990). Jane moved from a chimp researcher to an ambassador to the world for a wide variety of global issues.

One theme in the documentary is that Jane was seen by everyone as an animal activist, and when she wanted to be an activist for humans and the environment, some people couldn’t reconcile that. But Jane is one clever girl. She says that humans, animals and the environmental are all related, all dependent on each other, therefore we can’t view these issues as separate. We are all related.

God, she’s good.

Another really interesting theme was her relationship with her only son, who is nicknamed Grub. (I think I’m adding that name to my Google Pages list of baby names. I love it.)

Grub is in his 40s or so now, and is just now realizing how cool his mom is. He “rebelled” in his own way. As a son of Jane Goodall, he went into crab commercial sales, and of course that disappointed his mom.

Isn’t it odd that the child of someone so freaking cool can find his own way of rebelling? Ah, rebellion. You only look good on Colin Farrell.

Anyway. So Grub is 40 now. Has two kids. And now he realizes that his mom is something special.

A few years late, Grubster!

But it is a great documentary and I highly recommend it. So go see if your library has it. Mine did. Even if it didn’t carry a certain other book.

Julie Chicklitasarus devoured this book

Julie Chicklitasarus devoured this book

And in this case, when I say “book,” I mean “DVD!”

All of my treasures that I got from the library this week!

All of my treasures that I got from the library this week!


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