Kids’ Quotes + Your Drawing

On the news of my big move to Taiwan, some of my kiddos are writing farewell cards already. They’re such nice childers, as my friend the BFG would say.

Since I’ve told some of my students that I am going to Taiwan, first we have to establish where Taiwan is in the world. Second, some of the kids have to figure out where we are in the world and then relate that to Taiwan. And finally, we have to start thinking that the end of our time together is going to come to an end soon. And that is sad.

While subbing in an art class today, I ran across this book, “Drawing Lab,” by Carla Sonheim. One of the activities in the book says to take your child’s, or your students’, quotes (kids say the craziest things, you know!) and then draw something around that quote.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from kids (so far) along with drawings I made for those quotes (I am in the cursive on the top):


Well, he was on the right track. There are definitely at least four.


Before most of us were born, yes … except Larry King! Oooooooh!

Methinks I need to work on my cursive, yes.

Here are some more! I think these kids below were encouraged by their homeroom teacher to try to come up with a poem or a simile to write me in their goodbye cards. But that’s just a guess.


Why, yes, Mikeal, I really am the bravest dinosaur. Now there’s someone who gets me!


The top line might be hard to read, but it says, “I miss you like a crying dinosaur.” These kids knew me and my obsession with dinosaurs so well!


A rainbow’s departure is a tragic event


Crystal balls are gorgeous works of art


Apparently I didn’t help him enough in the writing department!

Some of my preschool buddies (I helped in their class a lot) even drew me pictures. Some wrote their own captions and some had to have their teacher help them. Here are a few of my favs.


Booger is a really fun game to play with fallen pine needles


This kid and I never really got along. Something about throwing tantrums to get what you want is not OK with me. I don’t know? He and I never saw eye to eye on that issue. No matter, I am pretty sure that I am not “sky diving” in this picture. Pretty sure I am free-falling because he chucked me off that mountain.


And I included this one because I love the way he drew my hair. It’s like he knows I want my stringy blonde hair to become wavy, voluminous and green!

Now I have to put all these in my “teacher scrapbook” baggie so I can convert all this into really fine works of art … in fifty years when I retire.


Baby Panther is guarding the art

If you have a stock pile of cute kids quotes that you want to pair with your drawings, try getting “Drawing Lab,” by Carla Sonheim. It has tips on how to do that, as well as many other creative ideas to get you (or your childers) drawing and having fun.


Click here to get the Kindle edition for $12.64 on Amazon. Your childers will thank you for it

{What are some of your favorite kids’ quotes?}


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  1. These are so sweet! I really liked the cyclops germs and the picture of the sun on the second one. + don’t worry, your cursive is legible and pretty, mine’s the opposite.

  2. Thank you! And it’s barely legible. I would love to have old-fashioned cursive, you know what I mean? Grandmas have the prettiest cursive. That’s what I want!

  3. Sorry, I guess I’m not getting notifications on my responses again – Argh. If you saw mine, you would think I was a doctor. Yours is legible! I know what you mean, though, the one that could double as caligraphy? Oh yeah!!

  4. These were so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my gosh, these are ridiculously adorable!! I miss you like a crying dinosaur might just be my new favorite expression ever. 😀 Thanks for sharing these!

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