Interview With Author Kathryn O’Halloran

Kathryn O’Halloran, author of the sexy novel, Bad Girls Club (read my review here), stops by Julie’s Chick Lit to talk about riding crops, coffee in Tanzania and how it feels to blog naked.

Author Kathryn O'Halloran wearing a bok choy hat! Both healthy and exotic!

Author Kathryn O’Halloran wearing a bok choy hat! Both healthy and exotic!

JULIE CHICKLITASAURUS: Your “About the Author” section was the most interesting one I’ve read. I have to ask, why don’t you ever want to return to where you grew up in Tasmania? (I’m in the U.S. so Tasmania sounds so exotic!)

KATHRYN O’HALLORAN: It’s a lovely place to visit and every time I go back to visit my mum (I do return there sometimes), I am overawed by how beautiful it is. But, after a few days, I’m bored shitless. Also, the coffee there is terrible!

JC: Your characters do a variety of risky dares in order to become official “bad girls.” Did you and your friends ever do this? Or, really, where did you get the idea for the book?

KO: I’ve never done dares outside of drunken games of truth and dare. I did have a strange night out with a friend once involving dares. We were having quiet a few drinks in a bar and met a guy who suggested we go to the casino, get a room, then order expensive champagne and play card games with him. I think some lame card came like go fish or old maid.

We thought he was joking and decided to call his bluff but he went through with it. The card games got a bit boring, though, so we got onto the truth and dare. At one point, my friend had to leave the room, find a guy and invite him back. She met the dorkiest guys ever and dragged them back to the room – I think it was their first night ever out drinking! Nothing too raunchy happened but the dude must have ended up with the hugest room service bill. He did say we could order anything we wanted so, of course, we did!

JC: Where did you do most of the writing for this book? (Please say a dominatrix club.)

KO: In a dominatrix club. Just kidding. I think it would be a bit distracting really and maybe too dark. I did go to some clubs … purely for research purposes. *cough cough* Most of the writing though was done at home.

JC: My friend Miss Four Eyes recently started this “I Blog Naked” movement that I think is a super great idea. Since your book is on the sexy side, I got naked to ask you this question. So I have to ask, are you naked right now too? If not, what’s your favorite thing to wear while writing? If you are in the buff … is it breezy?

The "I Blog Naked" badge is from Click the badge to read more about the naked movement sweeping the Interwebs

The “I Blog Naked” badge is from MissFourEyes.wordpresscom. Everyone is welcome to join! Click the badge to read more about the naked movement that is sweeping the Interwebs

KO: LOL … I’m at work right now so definitely not naked! My favourite thing to wear is probably my PJs. I love PJs a lot. I would wear them all the time if I could. I don’t really blog naked but sometimes when I get out of the shower, I have some awesome idea and have to write it down before I have a chance to get dressed.

JC: One of the reasons why I loved this book was because the female characters really embraced their sexuality, and I think more women should be open and comfortable talking about sex. Is this an important issue to you? If so, how did it become important to you?

KO: I think women tend to be pretty open about their sexuality. Or maybe it’s just my friends! Plus I have a lot of gay friends and nothing is ever taboo around them. I don’t really remember it becoming an issue or something I consciously decided to be open about. But sex is often funny, right, so you want to tell those funny stories. Unless you really care about the guy … then it’s not fair game for at least the first six months.

JC: I think this book would make a great movie and I’m pulling my non-existant strings to get Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham to jump on board. If your book was made into a movie, who could you see in each of the roles, including Poppy?

KO: To be honest, I don’t really keep up with movie stars or even much about Western pop culture. I’m addicted to Asian drama and that takes up all the pop culture space in my brain. Seriously, I thought Taylor Swift was a guy until recently. I think I got her mixed up with that guy from Hanson! So all the people who I could see in roles are probably too old now! The only show I watch is Supernatural. I think it would be almost mandatory for Jenson Ackles to play a role in the film.

I could maybe see Drew Barrymore as Juliette. Or Reece Witherspoon. Someone who could go from being quite naive to naughty. Actually I’d love to see Reece Witherspoon get all down and dirty!

I’d like Liv Tyler as Imogen. For Beth, I’m really stumped. Poppy – Anne Hathaway. That would be hilarious.

Photo from

Photo from

JC: Quick answer: paddle or ridding crop?

KO: Riding crop. It’s much more sexy.

JC: Quick answer: Gangnam or Harlem shake?

KO: Can I say neither?

JC: Quick answer: on a pool table or in a pool?

KO: Pool table.

JC: Does your family read your books? If so, what is that next phone conversation like?

KO: My sister edits my books but she says she tries to think someone else wrote them when it comes to the sex scenes otherwise she feels really uncomfortable. Quote from my mother: “I don’t want to read my daughter’s sex stories!”

JC: And finally, when can we expect your next novel to be released? I’m waiting on pins and needles (and maybe a riding crop!)

KO: It’s taking forever. I’ve been writing an historical novel but I have to check everything! Like, I write a sentence then I’m like, “Did that even exist back then … ?” Which leads to Internet research and then hours on Pinterest! But I’ve decided in the meantime to write a series of interconnected short stories about a girl who hates romance because it interferes with watching Supernatural and writing fan fiction and her match-making Beagle. I’ve been following my Beagle around the house taking notes but she refuses to do anything amusing now that I’m watching her!

Hey yo! Read Kathryn's hilarious blog by clicking here

Hey yo! Read Kathryn’s hilarious blog by clicking here

Learn more about this naughty girl author on her website.

Buy Bad Girls Club for $3.99 on Amazon.

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  1. Nice interview!
    I think Miss4Eyes talked about this novel on her blog once, or probably was someone else, but it isn’t the first time I see that cover.

  2. I look a little crazed in that photo with the bok choy hat! Thanks for the interview, it was answering all the questions, and now I’m thinking I should get on this naked blogging bandwagon.

  3. Woohoo! Julie, you not only blogged naked but you interviewed someone naked! I’m impressed, bonus points for you 😉
    The badge is yours, I’ll update the post with your name

  4. I love it! And I want the book, I’m adding it to my “must read” list, hurrah!

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  6. Rohan 7 Things

    Great interview, she seems like a really smart, sassy woman! And her book sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

    Well done for blogging naked too! A naked interview, you’ve really got me thinking now lol 🙂

    Oh and definitely riding crop…

    Thanks for sharing!


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