Stumped as a Stegosaur

What to blog about when you don’t know what you blog about? I got this idea from my friend, Miss Four Eyes, because I love her lists of random thoughts. So here is my list of my mismatched ideas, along with my new meme (thanks to SumoPaint and Ribbit!)

stegosaur RIBBIT

    • I can’t wear collared, button-down shirts because cleaning commercials have ruined them for me. Every working/stay-at-home mom who uses a Swiffer wears them!
    • My chin hair is kind of out of control right now
    • My friend Elyse over at Fifty Four and a Half sent me the coolest web article just out of the blue
    • Surprises are fun
    • I don’t care what anyone says, mac and cheese does not taste as good the day after
    • I could wear work out capris and baggy tank tops for the rest of my life
    • Man-Beast and I have been talking about getting a scooter for when we live in Taiwan … and I’m really excited about that
    • Do you pronounce it Nu-tella or Nut-ella?
    • I know I should eat healthy foods every night … but sometimes … I just want chicken and waffles
    • Ram-a-lamb-a-ding-dong!
    • When are Salt n Pepa going to make a comeback? And if they do, will they bring along DJ Spinderella?
    • Seth Meyers is funny, but Amy Poehler would make a better host of Late Night
    • Yesterday Man-Beast and I had a conversation in the kitchen. Then he went upstairs. When I thought he was out of ear-shot, I farted. It was a little louder than I thought it would be. Then he yelled from upstairs, “I heard that.” Marriage is fun!
    • We watched Zero Dark Thirty two nights ago and now I kind of have a girl-crush on Jessica Chastain
    • I put Ciara’s “Goodies” on my latest workout playlist … and I just don’t know why I did that?

{What random thoughts are on your mind today?}


About julieschicklit

My book blog is dedicated to finding books, stories & ideas that redefine women's literature to be something smarter & funnier. More RAWResome lit for ladies. I am remaining some-what anonymous because I have a day job. My Man-Beast and I are soon going to live abroad in China, so that's why I'm a reblog-aholic.


  1. moi

    Good post, mac and cheese doesn’t last till next day at mine, and it is nut-ella.
    Random thoughts on my mind are…

    Why are the people that call me at work stupid?
    What shall I do for lunch for the rest of the week as my regular sandwich bar is closed?
    Why does time at work go slowly and time at home go quickly?
    Shall I renew my eve online subscription or take a break?
    Will I ever see the hot Indian girl from the underground again?
    People on wordpress have a unnatural liking of poetry.
    I would like Rakim to partner back up with Eric B.

    • Thanks, Moi! And I hope these help 😀
      – because a lot of people are stupid
      – frozen burritos!
      – I don’t know, but you’re right. I wonder what old Mr. Einstein would have to say about time and space and the vacuum that is work?
      – take a break! (I don’t know what eve is?)
      – yes because she saw you too!
      – poetry is hot right now
      – me too (I don’t know who Rakim and Eric B. are? Singing duo!?)
      Thanks for stopping by! xo

      • moi

        Eric B and Rakim were hip-hop artists back in the 80s.
        not feeling the hotness in poetry lol,
        eve online is like a space version of world of warcraft, i may well be taking a break
        frozen burritos… ill leave it hehe
        yes lots of people are stupid


  2. I love random thoughts lists! Love them.
    -You reminded me about my chin hair. I haven’t evaluated the situation there in a long time.
    -I wish my dog made noises when she farted. I’d be able to prepare myself at the very least.
    -Nu-tella? I have no idea.
    -Seems I’m as stumped as a stegosaur too!

  3. Oh dear God, now I’m going to have Salt-n-Peppa’s ‘Somebody’s Gettin’ On My Nerves’ in my head all night long! I LOVED that song… Please comeback to me 90’s! How I miss you!

    • My favorite was “It’s None of Your Business!” Because in the music video, one of them (I think Pepa) was humping the air, and I thought, as a 11 year old, “Oh my God they are so edgy!” I may have to post that video for a Throwback Thursday. And “Somebody’s Gettin’ On My Nerves!” What classy gals.

  4. I had to send you that article — I sent it to Rara, too. You’re the only dinos I know!

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