Earth Day Needs A Makeover

I’m going to make this short and sweet.

Earth Day is a misleading name for this hippie/all nat-u-ral/hairy arms kind of day. If or when pollution, over population and global warming get the best of us, it’s going to rid the planet of life. And, since human beings are living things, that means us too.

Earth is one big rock of a planet in a solar system. If life doesn’t exist on it anymore, it doesn’t give a shit. You think Mother Earth shed a tear to see dinosaurs get wiped out clean? No way. She was like, “I can’t worry about this! I’ve got Pangea to break up into smaller, more manageable pieces!”

The dinos, those sexy majestic beasts, lived on this planet for a long time. And with one comet, they were gone.

But the Earth was still here.

Then humans finally appeared. They invented the wheel. They had opposable thumbs. Everything was looking good!

Until they got arrogant and started fucking shit up.

But we’re not fucking shit up for the Earth. We’re fucking it up for ourselves.

So, while I love the idea of Earth Day and I think we should keep it around, I suggest we rename it to:

Human Life Day!

Because if our proportionally big brains can do anything right in the evolutionary realm, then we need to start taking care of all life on this planet. Corals. Whales. Penguins. Bees. Cows. Birds. And, of course, human beings.

Honor our fallen brethren and spread the word! #HumanLifeDay

Honor our fallen brethren and spread the word! #HumanLifeDay

Before you go off on Twitter and talk with your friends about #HumanLifeDay, read this interesting interview from Edge Magazine with former NASA astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell is most famous for talking a lot about aliens and the government’s cover-up of them. But in this interview, he makes the point that humans are on an unsustainable path with using our natural resources on this planet. And we may need to look to the moon, Mars or astroids to help us sustain our own life. (Third question, second to last paragraph.)

His interview about aliens is pretty cool, too!

{What do you do to celebrate Earth Day?}


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  1. moi

    I’ve gotta to agree with pretty much everything there.

  2. Actually, I think the dinosaurs would have done a better job stewarding the Earth.
    If only they had longer arms…

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