Jurassic Park Builder App


My baby Triceratops! What should I name her?

How am I just finding out about this app? It is amazing! I searched for Jurassic Park in my app store, because the movie just came out in 3D and I was thinking about it (but when I am not thinking about the best movie in the world?!) So you download the app and you get a baby Triceratops. Make sure you have your sound on on your phone because she makes the cutest noises! You have to keep feeding her until she’s full grown.


My little girl is all grown up. I think I will name her Trisha. Trish for short.

Keep petting her and she’ll roar and you’ll collect coins. Apparently you need a lot of money to operate a dinosaur zoo. Once she’s all grown, then you get your next dinosaur!


A bun in the oven!

And all of the characters from the movie will pop up to give you advice as you build up your park! Here’s the sexy Jeff Goldblum playing the tounge-in-cheek Dr. Ian Malcolm. He’s so sassy! Look at him slinging that fake leather jacket over one shoulder. I miss the 90s.
IMG_0677 IMG_0678

Oh snap!

Oh snap!

And now my egg has hatched and it’s a carnivore! A Dilophosaurus. Those sexy beasts with two skull crests on its head. And the retractable neck frill! And the blinding black venom! Oh my Tyranasaur, Man-Beast may never have a conversation with me without my nose in my phone again.


And there’s my big carnivore boy! His name is Dilbert.

I am currently petting my babies to collect money. I also feed them every morning when I wake up. Man-Beast isn’t too thrilled about waking in the morning to the sound of Trish the Triceratops and Dilbert the Dilophosaurus rawring with pleasure of breaking their fast. I also feed them in the afternoon. Is that too much? Are my dinos going to be fatties? Anyway, I also have a diner and a security tower set up so I can make some more dough. Then on to expansion! I’m saving up for a Pterandon. Will keep you up to date, eager readers.

{Does anyone else use this app? How often do you feed your dinosaurs?}


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My book blog is dedicated to finding books, stories & ideas that redefine women's literature to be something smarter & funnier. More RAWResome lit for ladies. I am remaining some-what anonymous because I have a day job. My Man-Beast and I are soon going to live abroad in China, so that's why I'm a reblog-aholic.


  1. Simpsons Tapped Out has me hooked at the moment. Might check this out next.

  2. Dave Burns

    I’ve seen this app. So it’s pretty rawrsome?

  3. Looks like something that I could get hooked on, therefore I’m not trying it.
    I had issues with Bejeweled, I would get anxiety attacks and stopped eating because I was playing that, I had to delete it. I was an addict.

  4. ardenrr

    O.M.G. — Downloading now!

  5. Wait until you get the underwater expansion at level 10. Though, like a lot of other apps it doesn’t work so well when you don’t have access to the internet.

    As for feeding your dinosaurs, I would wait because some of the tasks are to feed the herbivores or the carnivores so many times. I would also recommend stocking up on food as often as possible because the higher up in levels you get, the more food you need.

    • I don’t have to feed hem everyday? I’m afraid my babies will starve! I’m in the middle of evolving my second Dino (my carnivore) and its taking forever because I don’t have the funds. Know of any shortcuts!? Xo

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