Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, Oregon

We took a long weekend to visit the place where young people go to retire …



This is such a great hippy city. I love everything about it. We went to the farmer’s market where they had giant cinnamon rolls, sheep cheese and even and cute little dinosaur hanging out at the pesto table.

FM1 Ribbet

Bright colored flowers. Bright fruit and veggies. Giant pretzels. Hippies with banjos. Hippies with babies!

FM2 Ribbet

We also went to the food trucks. Which are my new favorite things. I got lots of noodles with pieces of giant tofu. It was heavenly. Taiwan better watch out for my appetite. Because I’m going to eat the shit out of all their noodles and tofu.

FC1 Ribbet

Portland also has a Ghost Bike. It’s a bike painted all white. And it’s locked up on a street corner where someone died … you guessed it … on a bike. But this one in Portland keeps getting moved to all four corners of this intersection because it’s illegal to park a bike in any one spot for too long. So it’s a Ghost Bike that travels around this little spot.

Peddle one out for my homie

Peddle one out for my homie

What if a black one mysteriously showed up next to it one night? Wouldn’t that be spooky and cool?!

But then the men wanted a man date. So my lady friend (we’ll call her Channel, like No. 5, because it kind of rhymes with her real name. Kind of.) took me to Powell’s Bookstore. And. Oh. My. Tyranasaur. What a treasure trove!

A true statement, signage, the pink room and Nancy Drew madness!

A true statement, signage, the pink room and Nancy Drew madness!

The bookstore occupies a whole block, an old building they gutted and turned into a 3-story book heaven. They have about a dozen different rooms you go into and they all are named after colors. The kids room is, like, the blue room? There’s a pink room. A red room. Though, NOT a red room of pain, I will tell you. I found that out the hard way.

Powell’s even has an Espresso Book Machine! You take your ebook that’s saved on a thumb drive, get passed the ogre in the top, right corner, plug in the thumb drive, and ta-da! Your ebook will be printed out as a paperback.

The Espresso Book Machine - turning ebooks into paperbacks

Look at that grump-a-lump in the top right corner. Protecting the Espresso armed with only his hipster beard!

And I found a litasaurus here.

RAWR! I eats your signage.

RAWR! I eats your signage.

As my Canadians friends would say, life can’t get any better, eh?

Oh, but it can. Because right across the street from Powell’s Amazingness Bookstore Heaven Striptease Red Room of Pain is another Portland delight.

A Starbucks with wine!

The after hours menu, wine served with roasted pine nuts, a dino drinking wine covering my face and the inside of the Starbucks

The after hours menu, wine served with roasted pine nuts, a dino drinking wine covering my face and the inside of the Starbucks

My friend Channel No. 5 said Starbucks has a few locations in places like Portland and Seattle where they’re trying out their wine menu. I’m the gal who always chooses to go to the local drive-through coffee hut when I go to get a latte. But serving wine, too? Now that is a Starbucks I can get on board with.

All in all, we had a great time with our friends in Portland. We may be leaving the country soon, but I think Man-Beast and I found a place where we could see ourselves settling into when we come back from our overseas adventure.

And when I say, “settling in,” I mean retiring at 32.

See you soon, Baboon! Our the door, dinosaur! Gotta swish, Jellyfish!

See you soon, Baboon! Our the door, dinosaur! Gotta swish, Jellyfish!

I better work on my hipster lingo, lest that ogre with the beard say something ironic to me.

{What other travel destinations have RAWResome bookstores?}

(((May 14 UPDATE!))) Our Portland friends, Channel No. 5 and … ummm … Shmawn, bought a condo close to Powell’s and the boozey Starbucks! Congrats to them on their super RAWResome purchase! xo


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My book blog is dedicated to finding books, stories & ideas that redefine women's literature to be something smarter & funnier. More RAWResome lit for ladies. I am remaining some-what anonymous because I have a day job. My Man-Beast and I are soon going to live abroad in China, so that's why I'm a reblog-aholic.


  1. Too funny. We spent a week in Portland last year, and went to the bookstore at least three times.
    Great city.

  2. I want to live in the bookstore.

  3. I have ordered a lot of used books from Powell’s Bookstore on Amazon, but to see the live store is just amazing. I may think about retiring there. 🙂

  4. Well we’re not retired but we live here! Actually I just live over the river, but still, I’m only a few minutes from Powells and that makes me very happy! I’m glad you enjoyed our wonderful city! It’s nice to see it from fresh eyes cause sometimes we start to take our great city for granted. I love that our city is hippy’ish, that it’s pretty freakin’ green and that it’s so cool and quirky. Plus we have Powells, so we RULE! Glad you enjoyed your visit!

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  6. Mike & Judy

    Would like to have a glass of wine at Starbucks and visit Powells awesome bookstore.

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