Wildly Wrong


  1. Solution: Take pink flamingos to Taiwan. If not a cheesy backyard, they’ll make some great living room decorations.
    You’ll be fine, I just know it. Better than fine. You’re going to have an adventure!

  2. ardenrr

    First of all, don’t be scared of flying! Just make sure you take some of that amazing Sangria with you and you’ll be in Taiwan before you know it!

    Second, moving to another country IS scary. I know I would be scared. But you know what else it’s going to be. FRICKIN’ AWESOME! So cry a little bit and be sad about missing your friends and family but you’re not going to regret this once it’s over and you can also make everyone really jealous with all your FRICKIN’ AWESOME stories about Taiwan. Who doesn’t like making people jealous?

    Finally, did you ever tell your kids??

    • Ahhh … This makes me feel a lot better. I have to look forward to the amazingness that will surely come. It will be a big test of my maturity … And … I probably have a lot of room for growth in that area!

      Love making people jealous! So glad you’re with me on that one.

      Have not told he kids yet. But I will definitely blog about it when I do! Thank you for asking! Xo

  3. Yes – moving to another country is daunting – but when you’ve settled it will be great and you will wonder why you were freaked out (I’ve been there and understand this process!).

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  5. Oh I know exactly what you are going through. Moving is hard, and it’s hard knowing that a massive ocean separates you from your family but there is so much technology to help you stay in contact with them – viber, whatsapp, skype, emails, wordpress, and it’s not forever, so you haven’t ‘lost’ them, and not a HUGE amount changes… it still sucks a bit though as well, but trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it and by the time it comes to leave Taiwan and move back, you’ll be feeling the exact same feelings but opposite because it will feel like home and you’ll be sad to leave!!! Good luck with it. xx

    • You are very right, my friend. In two years, my thoughts will be switched and I’ll be missing stink tofu and scooters! (That is IF we come back.) Thanks so much for the support. xoxo

      • Yes the IF is a big one. I was meant to be gone for 2 years and it’s been 4 and I feel as though my heart is torn in two because I want to be in both places simultaneously… OR if they were like 2 hours from each other that would be nice too!!

      • So where are you in London? And do you ever make it to Oxford? I spent a summer there and LOVED it. Both cities, actually. But Oxford has the Purple Turtle, the coolest little underground bar in the world! xo

      • I’m in Angel/Islington. It is lovely. But I’ve also lived in Shepherd’s Bush, Notting Hill, Hammersmith and Roehampton (near Richmond). Yes, I’ve been to Oxford (although shamefully, only once) and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Definitely need to go back!!

      • I’m so jealous of you! London is gorgeous. And super clean. I couldn’t find a trash can anywhere. And the pasties! Do you just love pasties or what!?

      • I do, but I am gluten intolerant so they are just a little too deliciously evil for my liking. Oh, trust me, it CAN be dirty… especially down Oxford Street on the morning after the night before!! Oh and because there are no rubbish bins, people decide it’s ok to leave their rubbish in the basket on my bike. 😦

      • Booooo to them. That’s not cool. Tell them I said that. “My dino friend on WordPress says … Boooooooooo.” That will show them! hahah! xo

  6. I packed my husband and 6 year old son and moved to Switzerland in 1997. I’d never been there. It was wonderful — I wouldn’t trade my time there for anything.

    You will have a wonderful time — and some lonely times, too — but think of it as the adventure of a lifetime. Because it is. And smile and laugh and use SKYPE!

    [The car is where I always cry when I need to. No idea why. Probably because that 3000 lbs makes me feel invincible and like I won’t crash even though I can’t see.]

    Trust me. You will love your adventure. 90% of the time. And life doesn’t get much better than 90%.

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