#Caturday Kittens Inspired by Kittens

Ah, a YouTube classic. This used to be one of my co-workers favs when we took our 3 pm YouTube breaks every day at work. I haven’t watched it since 2008, and I thought it would be fun to revisit. And 17 million views!? Wowzers!

{Where do you think this girl is now?}


About julieschicklit

My book blog is dedicated to finding books, stories & ideas that redefine women's literature to be something smarter & funnier. More RAWResome lit for ladies. I am remaining some-what anonymous because I have a day job. My Man-Beast and I are soon going to live abroad in China, so that's why I'm a reblog-aholic.


  1. ardenrr

    It bothers me that she sings bow chicka bow wow bow chicka bow wow …..she’s been watching kitty porn!!

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