Life on Mars by Tracy K. Smith

Reading this collection of modern poetry just reminds me of how uncreative I am. I blame it all on college. It sucks the wonderousness out of you and fills you with things like MLA style, bibliographies, and … logic.


If only I could be as creative as Tracy K. Smith in her collection of poems in Life on Mars. I first learned of this book on Insatiable Book Sluts and I am so glad I followed their recommendation (perhaps they deserve an … award!?) Author Tracy Smith teaches creative writing at Princeton and lives in Brooklyn. She won the Pulitzer last year for this collection of poetry.

What a cool lady. I mean, am I right, or am I right?

And her father worked for NASA back in the day. I love thinking about space so I was hoping for some really cool poetry that combined space, time and human emotions.

Click here to get Life on Mars on Amazon

Click here to get Life on Mars on Amazon

But the problem is that I just am not a fan of poetry. I want to like it. I see people connect with it and I see their love of it.

However, I would rather have my literature just spelled out for me in common language.


I would love to be as creative with my words and ideas as Tracy Smith

I read poetry and all I can think is, “I know she’s saying something else here, something beneath the surface … but what the hell is it?”

Perhaps I would enjoy poetry more if someone sat next to me while I read it and just explained it all to me.

It’s because of my lack of comprehending poetry that I give this book a nibble. I’m sure if I could sit and talk with Tracy Smith (hint! hint!) about Life on Mars then I would think it’s RAWResome. I just need that extra nudge, you know?

nibbled2 RIBBIT

{What’s your relationship with poetry?}


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  1. moi

    My disclaimer is that i have had a bottle and a half of wine.

    When i saw this i though wow the picture on the cover looked good, the title had legs and i thought oh this maybe goof. And then I read about poems and it all kind of dissipated for me, I just cannot do the poem thing.

  2. ardenrr

    I’m 100% with you on poetry. I have tried so hard but I can just never understand what the author is exactly trying to say!

  3. I have the same kind of issue with some poetry… some of it is pretty out there and obvious and that’s the kind of poetry I like (hello, Tupac’s The Rose That Grew From Concrete, looking at you) but I just can’t get into the poetry that involves a ton of really deep thinking and digging through for the meaning. Blerg.

    That being said, I STILL might check this out because combining science-y stuff with poetry sounds pretty neat.

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