Our Fab New Children’s Laureate



I love the fact that we have a Children’s Laureate. It is, of course, a relatively new thing: whereas the first British Poet Laureate was ‘crowned’* in the 15th century by Henry VII, we didn’t have a Children’s Laureate until 1999 (Quentin Blake). Half a millennium gap!

Anyway, the point of this blog post is just to have a general rave about Malorie Blackman. I’m delighted by her appointment for a number of reasons. It’s been several years since we had someone who writes for older kids/teens, so I think that’s quite important right now. You almost want there to be another term for the position –  ‘Children’s’ Laureate may not feel that relevant to the average 13-year-old – though I think Malorie is famous and well-loved enough that it doesn’t matter.

I was impressed that Malorie wasted no time in challenging Michael Gove for his snobbish attitude to the…

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  1. What a great thing to have! What took us so long?

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