Julie’s Chick Lit started in 2007 when I was working for a magazine. Then in 2012, while I was (supposed to be) working on my Masters thesis, I needed a creative outlet. So this blog got a makeover!


This blog is about:

Redefining women’s literature to be something smarter and funnier. No Twilight. Using vampires as a metaphor for sex is not cool. Not cool.


Celebrating books, stories and ideas.


Being a work in progress. Things may change on here. But change is necessary. Like my friend Ms. M. Stewart says… “It’s a good thing.”


Remaining some-what anonymous. OK, you got me on Julie. But that’s all I’ll give you. On here I go by Julie Chicklitasaurus. I’m married to Man-Beast. And since the cat is part of the family too, I won’t even reveal her real name!

“I go by the name Baby Panther. And I make my mommy waste money on infomercial products because I don’t want to poop in the toilet.”



  1. tycheent

    Women in literature. Heck, women in anything. I was blessed with a strong but subtle mother. That left me able to work with anf for women in real life, and simply accept them as they were – talents, intelligence, capabilities and all. Just for a laugh, read the synopsis of my trilogy at https://sites.google.com/site/tycheent/top-level/the-unholy-wars-of-home and I think you’ll get an idea that I can mix talent and humor, without making fun of women. Or girls.

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  4. Why do you call your partner ‘man beast’?

  5. Because I’m trying to remain some-what anonymous, I won’t reveal my husband’s or the cat’s real names.

  6. I really like your screen name by the way, it makes me smile every time I see it!

  7. What a stylish blog, I look forward to reading more of your reviews! Also, your cat is adorable.

  8. Books, dinos, anti-Twilight-programming, cats whose wishes are respected… *swoons* Let’s be best friends. 🙂 Baby Panther didn’t take to CityKitty, I take it? I trained my cat with the same method, just homemade stuff and it worked out fine… until I moved to a one toilet home and decided I didn’t want to share it with a cat, so… to the litter box they go! Are those the little dino ornaments that were at Pier 1? Loved ’em! That same year, Target had glass dinos… ah, twas a good year.

    • The cat would pee in the toilet with CityKitty, but she did not want to poop on the toilet. After some really weird cat cries and a big turd on my rug, we went back to the litter box! And, yes, they are from Pier One! I’ll have to look on EBay for the Target ones. Xo

  9. Hi there, I think I’ve found another “me-blog”. Thanks for popping round to check out my lair; JC (oooh, just realised that those are heavy initials to carry….). Excuse me, girls, but the European is confused. Cats use toilets? I’m having a tennis man “You cannot be serious” moment over my coffee in deepest, darkest Provence…..

  10. monkeyfacekim

    Hi Julie! I don’t know if you do these awards, but I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You can see more on the post:

  11. You’ve been tagged. 🙂

  12. I just discovered you have chosen to follow my blog. I am humbled, honored, and perplexed. My perplexity resolves around a simple sexist question – “What’s a nice chick like you doing in a blog like mine?”

    On the other hand, as a firm believer in divine sovereignty, your sudden arrival comes as a God-send. I’m currently writing a story from a young woman’s perspective (in 1963) and you may be able to offer me some tips and suggest resources.

    At any rate, I’m glad you have been drawn to my corner of the blogosphere and I hope you enjoy what you find there.

  13. Great blog! Thanks for coming by mine and for the follow! 🙂

  14. Rohan 7 Things

    Great to meet you Julie! Always good to meet a fellow book and dinosaur lover, and you’ve got your naked blogger badge too! 🙂

    Take care!


  15. Haha, your cat has one of those litter trays that fit in the toilet? Awesome, was it hard to get it to use it? ^^

    Great blog, love your work. 🙂

    • Thank you! And the cat was sort of particular. She eventually went pee in there, but she would not poop in it. She pooped on my rugs so I had to get rid of it. And back to the little box she went! Thanks for checking in and I hope to “see” you around more often! xo

  16. Lyn

    WOW I’ve discovered a whole new species of dinosaur. Well, no, strictly speaking you discovered a new species of dinosaur, but now I’ve read about your discovery. Why has this not been mentioned in archaeological magazines 😉
    Thanks Julie, for deciding to follow my blog. I am indeed honoured, if somewhat bewildered, that you would visit my patch of the swamp. Oh, and regarding Twilight my seventeen-year-old granddaughter read me what she thinks is the best Twilight book of all…”And then Jacob staked Edward…the end” 😀

  17. Lyn

    P/S Baby Panther looks exactly like my cat who goes by the name Monsieur Napoleon 🙂

  18. Oh, a fellow book-o-phile (jes kidding) – we’ve got books, cats and anonymity in common ~ the beginnings of a fine friendship! Thanks for stopping by and following. Best ~ HuntMode

  19. Julie, I have nominated and awarded you the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” No pressure to follow the rules, to respond or just accept. Just thought you might like to know you came to my mind. Here’s the link:

    Best ~ HuntMode

  20. I’m having Julie withdrawals.

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