#RAWResome Book Recommendation Award

Click here to get the badge

Click here to get the badge, you Amazasaurus Rex!


The person who wrote an amazing book review, or who recommended a great book, needs this award. They need it like a Certosaurus needs a 3-course steak dinner.


Did you get this award? Congratulations! Now you get this fancy badge. Display it on your blog with the pride of a Pterodactyl.


In the comments section of the blog post with the RAWResome book recommendation, link this award page so the blog author knows they have just received this award. Or Tweet that amazing book blog post post with #RAWResome to let them know they just won this award.


Unlike other blog awards, this one can be awarded to any blog at any time. If someone blogged about a book that you ended up loving, then give that blogger this award. Tell them that they got it going on, like Donkey Kong … a Velociprator.


Because it feels as good as a Iguanodon to be recognized by your peers.


Pingback to this link, or let me know of a post about a RAWResome book (julieschicklit@gmail.com) and I’ll list/link them here. It’s an ongoing list of the greatest book recommendations on the web.


Kathryn O’Halloran | Bad Girls Club

Sarah Says Read | Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

Insatiable Book Sluts | Life on Mars

The Elka Almanac | A Dog Named Boo

An Armchair By the Sea | Let’s Pretend This Never Happened



  1. Thanks Julie 🙂 You Rawk!

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